How to eat durian flakes

Durian flakes are desiccated durian fruit in raisin-size bits. The similarity is mostly just in the size.

But like raisins, durian flakes can be eaten raw or could be used in baking.

We recommend to eat them as they come.

There is no relationship to corn flakes whatsoever. We sell durian flakes as an adult food, not a kids breakfast. That durians are an aphrodisiac should make it amply clear that it is most suited for grown-ups.

And even though children in Southeast Asia typically love durian, no Western family would want their pre-teen daughter eat a fruit with that kind of reputation (an aphrodisiac).

Thus, let kids have corn flakes. Keep the durian flakes for yourself.

Durian flakes likely are healthier than raisins, and for this judgment we don't even have to delve into a discussion on nutritional values.

Raisins are whole dried grapes. They are dried with their skins that have been exposed to environmental dust, to say the least, for their whole growing period. Heavy metals in air pollution, insecticides applied either by the grape yard owner, or by their neighbors on their crops and carried to raisin grapes by the wind, and just about any gas that happens to be blown through the countryside.

If you are concerned about your health, you avoid anything without a skin that can be peeled off.

For anybody determined to avoid environmental pollutants, durians are great news. Because the flesh of no other fruit is protected by such a massive rind as is the flesh of durians. In a world of industrial exhausts blown to every corner, this alone qualifies durians for the label "extremely safe".

For optimal culinary and aphrodisiac value, we recommend you eat durian flakes throughout the day, but no more than 60 grams (one bottle of our flakes) per day.

Durian flakes are slightly chewy, less than caramel candles, though. That is, if you chew them. You can also just keep the durian flakes in your mouth. They will dissolve into a kind of milk when exposed to saliva, just as fresh durian.

If you chew durian flakes they have a tendency to stick to your teeth. That doesn't matter... no need to reach for toothpicks, or take other action. The parts of durian flakes that stick to your teeth will dissolve all by themselves within about three minutes.

We actually think that this stickiness is a positive feature of our flakes because it carries the durian taste on and on.

Our durian flakes are smell filtered. They carry the full durian taste, without the stink which would make durian consumption inappropriate in any environment attended by people not joining in durian consumption.

Strange as you and me may find this circumstance, it's a fact of life that not everybody adores durian. And we better accept that a good number of people abhor the fruit, because otherwise supply would be even more scarce, and prices scary for people with average income. Mind you, in Thailand, a single durian fruit has recently fetched 150,000 Baht in an auction... that's 5000 US dollars. With durians, it's just like with wine.

Our durian flakes aren't in that league. Considering that 120 US dollars gives you the pulp of 12 kilograms of fruit minus some water, the costs stand at 10 US dollars per kilogram including shipping.

You won't find a better deal for superior quality, of the best and healthiest fruit or food in the world.